Windows Web Hosting – What to look for

Here is a quick checklist if you want a good Windows web hosting company:windows web host


We need SQL in a web host to update large amounts of data in our website. It is a database to store all your information.

MsSQL is a SQL database created by Microsoft. It is not free so windows web hosting companies do not offer unlimited MSSQL databases. Using MSSQL is recommended for small websites.

MySQL is a free alternative of SQL often used in Linux Hosting Accounts. It is free therefore we can have unlimited MySQL database perfect for creating multiple websites.

Remote SQL Management.
Most windows web hosting companies do not offer remote SQL Management. This is a convenient feature of SQL servers and should not be restricted.


ASP is a programming language to help create feature rich, dynamic websites. ASP.NET is an improved version of ASP. It is created by Microsoft and is proven to be more effective than any other programming language for the web.

ASP or sometimes called classic ASP is an old version of ASP. ASP.NET is a newer version which means there are several improvements like supporting various programming language, faster, more refined code, and improved functionality. Do note however that ASP.NET is not backwards compatible to ASP.

PHP is a must for hosting your WordPress website in a Windows web host. If you are using WordPress, make sure that your chosen hosting provider has PHP support. Additionally, to run WordPress, a web host must have:
PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Auto Installer. Auto installer is a great feature because it allows you to configure a certain settings with just one click. For example if you are using WordPress then WordPress auto-installer is just what you need to get WordPress up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Customer support

A good windows web hosting company has a great customer support that your problems can be solved in less than a minute. Without a good support, particularly tech support, you will get lost thus it can affect your website’s performance.



A guaranteed uptime is 99.90%. The most reliable uptime is 99.99%. Uptime tells how reliable a windows web hosting company is. Your website must be online at all times because when it becomes offline for several minutes, you will lose visitors thus loose money.


These points will tell you how to pick a good Windows web host. Do not sacrifice the price for a service that is below substandard. Always check for web hosting reviews and see how well the web host performs through customer feed backs and reactions. Our best recommendation for windows web hosting is Arvixe. Visit Arvixe

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