Windows Azure Releases New Scheduler Service, Read-Access Geo Redundant Storage, and Monitoring Updates

Windows Azure has just released another set of enhancements for Windows Azure. The new update includes:

Windows Azure Scheduler Service. The new Windows Azure Scheduler service will allow you to schedule jobs that invoke HTTP/S endpoints or post messages to a storage queue on any schedule you define.

New Read-Access Geo Redundant Storage Option. The New Geo Redundant Storage option is a major improvement to the Windows Azure Storage Geo Replicated storage. The option provided has built-in support for automatically replicating storage data from one region to another, but access to the secondary location isn’t provided unless in a disaster scenario.

Enhancement to Monitoring and Diagnostics for Windows Azure Services. With today’s update, you can monitor metrics for the CPU and IO activity of premium SQL databases and the storage activity of Premium and Standard databases.

These improvements are now available to be used immediately but some features are still in preview.

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