The Pros and Cons of ASP.NET Hosting

Deciding a hosting platform for your website can be easy if we weight in the advantage(pros) and disadvantage(cons) of using such hosting image

ASP.NET is a newer version of ASP(Active Server Pages) created by Microsoft to help develop dynamic, feature-rich websites. It is not just a next generation ASP but a new era in web development. The most popular feature of ASP.NET is its ability to use other programming language other than Microsoft-only programming language offered before on ASP.


Web Developer Friendly

Since ASP.NET is under Microsoft, all the developers of ASP.NET are fully trained and equipped to develop such program. Therefore you may experience minor bugs and better performance compared to open source alternatives.

Another advantage as I’ve said earlier, is the ability of ASP.NET to use other programming language. So developers working in C++, Java or Visual Basic can use existing component to work with their ASP.NET hosting.

Hard Core Programming and WYSIWYG
Developers have the option to hand code their site (hard core programming) or use a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editors for a faster and easier web development.

Easy Data Management
ASP.NET uses XML for data storage, configuration and manipulation. Tools available in ASP.NET for XML is very easy to use and what’s more you can cache information in the computers memory after it has been extracted.

Backwards Compatible

ASP.NET is compatible with ASP applications. No need to convert is to ASP.NET since ASP.NET can read it. ASP.NET and ASP runs in a separate process so if your ASP application experience problems, your ASP.NET won’t be affected.


ASP.NET is under Microsoft so in order to run ASP in your computer, you should have an Microsoft Operating System. The licensing requirement covers at least five dollars a month in your ASP.NET hosting but as a compensation for that, a great deal for your money because ASP.NET is run and maintained by Microsoft’s top notch software engineers and developers.

The price also adds up to ASP.NET hosting plans. You will see a big difference in price for ASP.NET hosting compared to open source web hosting plans.

Adapting to Changes
If you happen to be developing for ASP for quite some time then you may find it hard to adapt to .NET framework included in ASP.NET hosting. You will have to learn about .NET first which takes up too much time for a similar function as ASP.


Choosing ASP.NET hosting over other hosting platforms can be both a wise choice and a dumb one. You can be wise in deciding ASP.NET hosting if you have enough knowledge and money to cover for the initial costs. It is only a dumb decision if you don’t know how things work in ASP.NET yet you settled for one.

If you are looking for the answer to your question: “Is ASP.NET hosting right for my website?” Ask this question first: “Will my website and my skills adapt the change?”
If not, then stick to your old web hosting. If you can adapt to change then why not try and see it for yourself.

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