The Advantage of ASP.NET Web Hosting

ASP.NET is the next version of ASP, a programming framework used to create dynamic website, run asp applications and view ASP pages.

Why choose ASP.NET Web hosting over…


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ASP is an older version of ASP.NET which means less features, no authentication, and slower performance.

With ASP.NET Web Hosting we can

  1. Have an isolated process. ASP is running under the inetinfo.exe process therefore the application will crash often thus we need to constantly restart or stop IIS.
  2. Use non-Microsoft Platforms. ASP cannot run on non-Technology platforms. If we use every Microsoft platform then we’ll be paying for all of it whereas if we can use other alternatives to these platforms, we can save more.
  3. Use other programming languages aside from VBScript and JavaScript. ASP supports only 2 programming language, VBScript and JavaScript, where in ASP.NET we can use any programming language we want.
  4. Have easy configuration and deployment. When configuring ASP.NET, we’ll just be using a plain text file. It can be uploaded even when the application is running so no need to restart the server. No more metabase or registry puzzle.
  5. No need to restart the server when you are to deploy or replace compiled code. ASP automatically redirects all new requests on the new code.

NOTE: ASP.NET is not fully compatible with earlier versions of ASP. To overcome this problem, ASP.NET uses a new file extension (.aspx) so that ASP.NET applications can run side by side with standard ASP applications on the same server.



PHP is a general purpose scripting language suited for Web Development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is free and has a wide number of support groups willing to help both professional and beginner in PHP.

Compared to  ASP.NET Web Hosting

  • There are pre-compiled code so it is easier to maintain the code when we are dealing with larger websites.
  • You can choose any programming language you like (C#, C++, etc).
  • Has SQL Server that is faster than other SQL alternatives and can store large amounts of data without any difficulty.
  • You get the whole .NET Class Library and more third party components compared to the components available in PHP.


The Top 12 Advantage of ASP.NET

1. Reduces the amount of code needed to build large applications.
2. Has built-in Windows authentication and configuration so your applications are safe and secured.
3. Uses Visual Studio, the most powerful and fastest IDE to date.
4. So simple to perform common tasks.
5. Source code and HTML are altogether so it is easier to maintain and write codes.
6. Better performance. Takes advantage of just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services that are out-of-the-box.
7. All processes are monitored at runtime, so when there is a dead process, new processes are created to take its place.
8. Purely a server-side technology, meaning codes are executed on the server first then sent to the browser once confirmed.ASP.NET
9. Language independent. You can choose any language you like.
10. Ease of deployment, component configuration information are already embedded, no need to register it.
11. Easy to work with ADO.NET.
12. Can easily detect infinite loops, illegal activities, memory leaks and immediately destroys it.

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