Play YouTube Videos Inside ASP.NET AJAX Modal

Do you know that there exist a textbox that allow users to enter a YouTube Video URL then opens up an AJAX Modal Popup after the user enters the video and the video is being displayed within it? This is what this tutorial is for. The tutorial lets you play a YouTube video inside an AJAX Modal Popup.

We’ll be using ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit ModalPopupExtender Modal Popup in the ASP.NET Application. The textbox will allow users to enter a YouTube video URL then when the user clicks the button, a popup video will appear with the YouTube video playing in it.

First, you need to register the AJAX Control Toolkit on the page.
When the user clicks the “Play Video” button, it should extract the YouTube Video ID from the textbox then embed the video URL, set the frame from the HTML FRAME SRC property, then a modal will be shown.

Read the rest of the tutorial here:

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