Parallelism Improvements in .NET 4.5

It is important that a developer is up to date with the latest and the greatest features offered in their developing tools. Like for instance, the .NET Framework has a lot of updates and improvements particularly to the parallelism features that has been implemented due to the insistent public demand and common feature requests. The new improvements in parallelism are as follows:

  • PLinq
  • Long list of dependent task execution
  • Concurrent collections

There are also improvements in Value Property in ThreadLocal class in which the population of the Values property can now be made optional by passing the trackAllValues parameters as false.

There are two new tasks which is the TaskCreation and the TaskContinuation option. These options will provide more control while calling third party codes in your task.

There are a lot of improvements in .NET 4.5 framework, I suggest you visit to learn more about it.

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