OrcsWeb Provide Complete ASP.NET 4.5 Support

ORCS Web Inc. is a web hosting provider that specializes in Microsoft Windows cloud server and dedicated server hosting solutions has announced that ASP.NET 4.5 will be available in all platforms. ORCSWeb has over a year of experience in configuring and supporting .NET 4.5. The latest release, which is Windows Server 2012, is also the next generation of Microsoft development framework and it comes with a few features and improvements through managed hosting solutions. These updates have improved performance, increased control, support for asynchronous programming, a new data flow library, improved support, etc.

ASP.NET is considered as the most exciting .NET Framework to date.

Read the full information here: http://www.tophosts.com/windows-hosting-provider-orcsweb-provides-complete-asp-net-4-5-support

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