Microsoft Releases Pricing for Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 prices remain unchanged from the corresponding Visual Studio 2012 products, According to Microsoft. The current Visual Studio Prices are:

Visual Studio 2012 Pro: $499

Visual Studio 2012 Pro with MSDN: $799

Visual Studio 2012 Premium with MSDN: $2,569

Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate with MSDN: $4,249


Those who have access Visual Studio using MSDN subscription won’t need to pay for anything when the move to the latest version. There will be a change in the SKU line-up as Microsoft will be reintroducing Visual Studio Professional 2013 Upgrade SKU for customers that are running Visual Studio 2012 Pro. For a limited offer, those who are interested in VS Pro 2012 Upgrade SKU will get if for $99 from Microsoft Online Store.


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