Kinds of ASP.NET Web Hosting – Price, Function and Effectivity

As internet becomes more advanced, what were once a dream before became today’s reality. So it is no surprise that services online have become cheaper and more affordable that you can get a web hosting service just like buying a cup of coffee.

Even those things that were very expensive before like when Microsoft got into the web hosting industry. Microsoft is a very expensive web hosting option. The operating system alone is expensive and add up that, the applications and components comes with a price too. But today, even with Microsoft and ASP.NET web hosting included, the price is comparable to Linux web hosting.

Here are some kinds of ASP.NET web hosting that is not only affordable, but hassle free.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is a kind of web hosting where many websites uses one server to get connected to the internet. Each site has its own place in the server to separate it from other websites and prevent conflicts. It is the cheapest kind of ASP.NET web hosting because all that uses the same web server share the cost for server maintenance.

The disadvantage of shared web hosting is that when the web hosting provider is not able to manage shared web hosting well, all websites on that server can get affected. Moreover, shared web hosting has bandwidth limit that when you exceed it, visitors will be greeted with Bandwidth limit exceeded which will be very uninviting to your visitors.

You can expect to get ASP.NET web hosting(windows web hosting) that can cost for about $3 to $5 per month.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server is a kind of web hosting which will let users use a virtual server they can manage. Although websites share the same server, VPS will let you manage your own software, choose the applications to use, and select the operating system you want without affecting other websites in that server.

VPS is perfect for ASP.NET web hosting that wants to define the systems to use in order to make a more customized website. It is also a learning curve for dedicated hosting because it has the same setup as a dedicated hosting has, only that it has a lower monthly price.

The disadvantage is some web hosting providers do not properly split CPUs which can cause drastic performance loss in your website.

ASP.NET web hosting in VPS is about $10 to $30 per month.

Dedicated Server
Dedicated server is a kind of server where you get the entire server yourself without anyone sharing on it. Which means it is not shared nor VPS. This is the fastest asp web hosting there is because nobody shares bandwidth nor cpu with you. It is all yours.

But you’ll do everything from the ground up. If you are a beginner, you will find hard to configure an ASP web hosting in a dedicated server and you may miss components that are important or added some that are not very important at all.

Here are just about anything an asp web hosting have. Feel free to explore any kind of web hosting services if you have the money so you will know what exactly is compatible to your website.

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