Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

If you don’t know what MVC is, you are missing out on quite a lot of features and possibilities that you can do with your application. ASP.NET is the next ASP.NET Web forms with better and more useful features than before. When compared to ASP.NET Web forms, ASP.NET MVC have:

  • Easier page life cycles
  • Consumes less bandwidth because of a lighther stage weight.
  • Full control over HTML
  • Non-leaky abstraction
  • Higher level of testability

The are also advantages of using ASP.NET MVC compared to ASP.NET Web Forms like:

  1. A powerful, patterned-based framework that combines the effectiveness of ASP.NET classic along with MVC architectural pattern.
  2. Server-side controls can be viewed using just simple HTML.
  3. Can easily be replaced, customized, and is pluggable.
  4. Has tight control over HTTP and HTML
  5. Has a powerful routing system.

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