How to Prevent Visual Studio Crash When Debugging MVC Web Applications

When trying to debug a MVC 5 web application in Visual Studio 2012, it would tend to crush. If you put the build to release mode, then you could run the application but not debug it. This problem usually occurrs when you are using IIS7  to host the site in the local development environment.

What could cause it is due to the fact that you have 7 worker process and several users logged into the site. When debugging the web application, Visual Studio has to attach it to the work process. When there is more than one, Visual Studio seems to not know which one it is attached to. This condition causes Visual Studio to crash.


In this tutorial we’ll show you the tip on how to prevent Visual Studio crashes when debugging your MVC website. This usually happens when you are using IIS7 to host your site in your development environment.

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