Evention Migrates its Hosted Solution to Azure

Evention is proud to announce that they have completed its migration to Windows Azure, a Microsoft public cloud platform. It now hosts Evention’s web based software applications which now offers automated gratuity, and cash management. This move to Windows azure provide evention a lot of benefits, one of the immediate benefits include redundancy, and unlimited scalability which helps increase Evention’s performance and reliability. Evention can now provide world-class software hosting environment to all its customers thanks to the migration to Windows Azure.

Evention offers SaaS or Software as a Service and with its Microsoft Azure shift, it adds a level of flexibility to the products of Evention.

Read full story here: http://www.equities.com/news/news-headline-story?dt=2012-09-11&val=467531&d=1&cat=headline

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