DiscountASP.NET Now Supports node.js for ASP.NET Hosting

DiscountASP,NET announced beta support for node.js for their Windows 2008 hosting platforms. According to DiscountASP.NET Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is a major update to be added in their enterprise database. Features of MSSQL server 2012 includes an even better performance, and tweaks within the databases. Node.js is a server-side JavaScript implementation that lets developers write client-side and server-side codes as well. It has gained popularity that Microsoft announced that they are working on node.js to port in Joynet; thus the first stable port was launced in November 2011.

The company said that they have already offered node.js support in their WebMatrix beta labs, but due to insistent public demand, node.js support is now supported in their ASP.NET hosting platforms.

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