Cheap APS.NET Hosting Provider – Tips on Getting More than Just a Cheap Price

cheap hostingLooking for the most affordable ASP.NET hosting can be a bit of a challenge. ASP.NET hosting is one of the popular hosting providers used by web developers because it has more features, and is more stable than other web hosting services. But being in an ASP.NET web hosting company is expensive because Microsoft owns ASP.NET, so other components related to ASP.NET hosting, are not free.

  • First a server must have a Microsoft Windows license so the server will be able to use other components.
  • Next is certain applications to use in a web hosting can cost money too.
  • MSSQL needs to be bought.

ASP.NET hosting providers cover those prices by setting a higher monthly rate to customers. There are other ways that we can harness the power of ASP.NET yet minimize our monthly ASP.NET hosting expenses. Here’s how:

  • Get the best deals around. You may not know it, but some ASP.NET hosting providers give promo deals every month.
  • Go for long term plans. 1 year plans are more expensive than a 3 year plan, you might spend more cash in your initial cost, but the savings of a longer term plan are 50% less than a monthly plan.
  • Look for ASP.NET hosting providers that offer Linux and free, open source software. ASP.NET can work well under Mono, a Linux alternative to .NET, MySQL is also a good alternative for MSSQL. Both software can be in par with the paid software that Microsoft is offering.

Cheap ASP.NET hosting won’t yield good results if the company is not in the performance level to use ASP.NET. For a web hosting provider to be at a peak performance, the web host must have:

The latest version of ASP.NET

Updated IIS

Windows Server (They say that Windows 2003 is better than 2008 but compared to 2003, Windows Server 2008 have more features, more efficient, and more reliable)

The web hosting provider must have an SQL server or supports Microsoft Access.


An ASP.NET hosting server should use the best hardware to perform the job. A dual core processor won’t be as fast as a QuadCore processor nor will a 4GB RAM be faster than a 2GB ram.

Finally, getting a cheap ASP.NET hosting should also depend on your website needs. Here’s why:

A website that had just started don’t need a special server to accomodate too few visitors, so you can start with shared web hosting first to see how your site will go. Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting where several people share a single server.  Monthly costs for an ASP.NET hosting go for as low as $4 per month.

If your site gets a bit popular and reached your shared web hosting’s bandwidth limit, then it may be time to shift to Virtual Private Hosting. You all share a single server but each have its own virtual server. Which means that it has more bandwidth limit and a more customized server for your website. Virtual private hosting costs about $20 a month.

Most websites do not go beyond Virtual Private hosting so a dedicated server is only optional. Dedicated server costs around $100 per month.


The key aspects in looking for a cheap ASP.NET web hosting is to look not just one,or two web hosting providers, look for at least 10 to get you satisfied. Be weary of the tips I discussed here and use it when looking for the cheapest web hosting for your website.


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