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If you are in search for the best windows web hosting company, we can help you. Listed below are reliable and affordable shared windows hosting companies offering ASP.Net Hosting, SQL Server 2008 hosting, Classic ASP Hosting, IIS Hosting and more. Our ratings and reviews in comparison chart below will help you find the best windows web hosting company.Disclosure: We are compensated for our reviews. Click here for details.

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Rank Web Hosting provider Best Features Price/mon Reviews
1 101-top10-hosting-Windows-Web-Hosting5star Award Winning Windows Web Host, Best ASP.NET web hosting experience, ASP .NET 4.0,3.5,2.0,1.0 & Unlimited MS SQL 2008 databases, US based best Tech support, Developer friendly. More details $5.00 Per month60 Days moneyback Arvixe reviewVisit
2 discountASP-Web-Hosting5star Microsoft-Recognized ASP.NET Hosting provider, Windows 2008/ 2003 Hosting, Datacenter in US & UK,support classic ASP & 4/3.5/2.0/1.1, Silverlight 4.0/3.0 Hosting,100% Focus on Hosting Solutions for the .NET Developer Community. $10.00 Per month + 3 months FREE30 Day Money Back Guarantee Visit
3 97-top10-hosting-Windows-Web-Hosting5star Windows Hosting and ASP.NET Hosting, Good support, Windows Server 2008, 99% Customer Satisfaction, 99.9% Server Uptime! More details $5.00 Per month45 Days moneyback 3essentials reviewVisit
4 45-top10-hosting-Windows-Web-Hosting5star v2.0, v3.5, Supports MS SQL 2008 & 2005, Full Remote Delegation, 24/7/365 Technical Support, 60 DAYS FREE. More details $8.33 Per month60 Days moneyback Applied innovation reviewVisit Applied innovation
5 30-top10-hosting-Windows-Web-Hosting5star ASP.NET Hosting, 1 MS SQL & 10 MySQL databases, FREE Pre-Installed Apps, $20.00 Google credit, $25.00 Microsoft Credit. More details $4.99 Per month Godaddy reviewVisit Godaddy

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Best reseller windows hosting companies

A list of reliable windows web hosting reseller providers with ratings and reviews. Best deals posted here

Rank Web Hosting provider Bonus Price/mon Reviews
1 101-top10-hosting-Windows-Web-Hosting5star 50GB DiskSpace & 500GB Bandwidth, Confidently rely on Arvixe’s excellent server management and technical support team. $20.00 Per month60 Days moneyback Arvixe review
2 5star 25GB DiskSpace & Unlimited Bandwidth, Host unlimited domain, Private name server,Reseller CONTROL PANEL (Plesk/ cpanel) $9.87 Per month Read mochahost review
3 45-top10-hosting-Windows-Web-Hosting5star 5GB DiskSpace & 80GB Bandwidth, Host 20 domains, Private label, Billing system $17.95 Per month

Windows dedicated server hosting companies

A list of reliable Windows Dedicated web hosting companies with ratings and reviews.

Rank Web Hosting provider Bonus Price/mon Reviews
1 71-top10-hosting-Dedicated-Web-Hosting5star 250GB DiskSpace & 3TB Bandwidth, Windows 2008/2003 Servers Available, Processor: ATOM 330 1.6Ghz 1MB L2 Cache , RAM: 2 GB (DDR2) $99.00 Per month Read Singlehop review
2 Liquid-Web5star 250GB 7200RPM SATA / 8MB Cache, 6000GB Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth, ASP.NET 3.5/ 2.0, ASP, AJAX, Windows 2008/2003 Servers Available,Powerful Dual Xeon or Dual Opteron Processors,30 Minute Hardware Replacement SLA,100% network uptime guarantee. $189.00 Per month
3 30-top10-hosting-Windows-Web-Hosting5star 120GB DiskSpace & 500GB Bandwidth, 1 GB RAM, Windows: 2003 Web Edition,Plesk 30-domain control panel, FREE! SSL Cert $90.38 Per month

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Dedicated vs shared hosting:What to look for when purchasing a windows Hosting Plan

This is a question you may want to ask yourself. Whether to host your application along with other websites in one hosting account. Can you afford or if it is okay if your hosting server goes down for half an hour? If you have an ecommerce or very critical application that has be uptime 100%, then sure dedicated hosting is your default choice.

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Windows Hosting Basics

Web Servers usually run on Windows and Linux, the two major Operating Systems (OS). IF you do a small look up on the Internet you would find some web hosting services use Linux and the rest would be windows based. Of the two, Linux is considered to be the most reliable and stable option. This does not mean that Windows is unstable as it is case based and Windows too has proven to be as reliable and stable.

It would be wiser to have your web hosting on Windows if you already use Windows technologies. Any applications that are developed using .NET, MS SQL Server, COM, MS Access etc will work seamlessly when hosted on Windows server. You will find that there are many hosting features available for Windows rather than Unix. Some popular ones are Windows Media, SQL Server 2000, Access, ASP, VB Scripts and ASP.NET

If your business demands using large databases with an online search facility or provides chat features then Windows hosting Service will be an ideal solution for your website. The reason being that Windows works excellently with databases than Unix services.

As with any product there are some downsides in using windows based hosting service. Choosing a good web host will ensure that the web site will be hosted without any difficulties. It is important to identify and choose a web hosting company that employs a technically sound team of professionals who have relevant work experience and are also certified with additional skills like MCSE or MCSA.

One of the main advantages of choosing a Windows web hosting service is that it is very easy to use and administer than Unix. You actually do not need an experienced Webmaster to run the show. Anyone with a decent level of understanding and knowledge of Microsoft technologies and applications can handle the hosting needs. Any inexperienced Webmaster will find it tough to understand and use a Unix based web hosting service.

It will be useful to understand the disadvantages of using a Windows hosting service. One of the major concerns will be the cost. Linux based hosting is much cheaper than Windows based service. The primary reason for this is that most of the Linux programs are developed and circulated for free whereas all Windows based programs come with a cost attached.

There are some programs that work very well only with Linux. In case your web applications will need to connect to MySQL database or use PHP then Linux hosting would suit your website than a Windows hosting service, even though Windows does support both PHP and MySQL. The same is true when you plan to use Java Server Pages (JSP) or CGI scripts, which are 100% Linux compatible.

Though Windows may not be stable or flexible always when compared to Linux hosting, there are other factors that will affect your web hosting which are platform independent issues. You will find Windows hosting to be more user friendly, reliable, and faster in most cases. In the end it all comes down to the type applications your website will need. You can create high performance web apps using and sql server. Make sure you get a good hosting company to create your website application. Many good and bad hosts are there and you need to weed out the bad guys.

Windows Hosting News

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