Avoid DataBinder.Eval to Improve Perfomance in ASP.NET

A lot of developers use DataBinder.Eval to evaluate data expressions at run time. Although it is frequently used in web controls like GridView and Repeater, it can cause performance decrease compared to standard ASP.NET data-binding syntax.

This is because this method performs late-bound evaluation using reflection at run time. You are executing Eval() many times in which can cause performance issue because Data.Eval() uses reflection to evaluate data-binding expressions. So if you use this a lot, performance will significanlty decrease.

To avoid using DataBinder.Eval use the following alternatives:

  • For ObjectDataSource
  • For SqlDataSource

Read the rest of the tutorial here: http://www.devcurry.com/2011/02/how-to-avoid-databindereval-in-aspnet.html

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