Advaced workflow feature from Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS 7, fromKentico,  includes a very advanced workflow feature that lets developers  create workflow applications using a GUI. Developers can use a drag and drop feature to select workflow components and later connect components using transitions. In addition, Moreover, developers can add specific roles within workflow security.  This Kentico version has  translation services thanks to APIs from Google (Bing API also added to this version).

Another new feature is a “wireframing module”, that will be  hosted within a “wireframe document type”. This module is in fact a  set of web parts that will have the capability to position web parts to any location a web page. Editors will find it easy tocreate new documents or to edit existing content  within site structure from the live UI (swithing to CMS desk is not required).

Best part is, now developers can create websites faster using Kentico CMS 7.  To learn more visit,

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