4 Reasons Why Windows Website Hosting Is The Best

Windows logo It may be often tough to choose which web hosting solution is the best, Linux or Windows website hosting? As a user we probably might be looking for easy solutions, quality performance, and quick and very knowledgeable customer support. Both Linux and Windows website hosting share the same features but this is where Windows stand out of a Linux hosting provider.

More User Friendly. Linux web hosts will require you to select the necessary components you would like to add in your website. This may be more efficient if the user is more has enough knowledge about web hosting so he can make his server more efficient, fits exactly what he or she needs but if you are just starting up, or what we call as the average user, you won’t understand anything about it, thus will confuse you. Windows web hosting has pre-installed components made for average and experienced users alike.

More applications. Linux cannot run Windows applications. Most applications that Windows have Linux either has but cannot match nor compete with Windows-based applications, or does not have.

These Microsoft applications and tools have major advantage over Linux:

  • .NET Framework is a software framework that runs only in Windows operating system. It has a large library and supports different kinds of programming language. Linux has an implementation of .NET Framework through Mono, but it is buggy.
  • ASP and ASP.NET or Active Server Pages is a web platform that helps in creating dynamically database driven websites. Linux servers do not support ASP but has PHP which does quite the right job.
  • FrontPage Extensions. Frontpage is an easy-to-use web design program. It will be easier to create websites in FrontPage than in any Linux based applications.
  • Microsoft Access Compatibility. Linux doesn’t support Access but they have their own MySQL which is free and open-sourced. Most people still prefer Access over MySQL.
  • Microsoft SharePoint. If you use Microsoft SharePoint then expect that this won’t work in Linux too.

Developer Friendly. Developers love Windows server because it is very easy to develop any Windows applications which can be easily integrated to a system without wasting time in utilization because of non-Microsoft applications.

Technical Support. Technical support is very important in web hosting because if something goes wrong, they are the ones we rely on. Linux tech support are either very technical in solving problems or does not have general knowledge in Linux at all. Windows website hosting technical support are skilled and very familiar about the Windows operating system so any questions won’t be left unanswered.

Although Microsoft is expensive, it is nevertheless the most effective, reliable, and hassle-free web hosting solution. You can settle for alternatives and save 20% more if  you like but the service, performance, and reliability is 20% less than what Windows website hosting have. And worst, it will cost you more than what you are trying to save.

Alternatives may be best in most cases but not this time when we want to reach customers in a fast, and more reliable manner.

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