3 Step Guide in Understanding Windows Web Hosting

Starting a web hosting, your first choice is to use Windows as your operating system of choice for web hosting. Not only that Windows is the most popular operating system to day, but it is also user-friendly. However, when it comes to web hosting, Linux is very dominant because of its speed, price (free), and web hosting performance.

But this doesn’t mean that Windows is the underdog in web hosting. There are several factors that will make you choose Windows over Linux web hosting. Below is a three step guide in understanding Windows web hosting.

Step 1: User Friendly

The advantage of Windows is it is very user friendly. Anybody can do any kind of task with just a click of a mouse. No need to memorize any command line syntax or to resolve installation issues by checking for dependencies like what a Linux web hosting has.

Web hosting beginners can easily understand what their web hosting is up to because Windows web hosting uses a kind of system any computer user will be able to understand.

Step 2: Proprietary Software

There are times when proprietary software is a usually getting a lot of money from our pockets but the real advantage of proprietary software is that there are skilled professionals that made these software to be as it is when it is sold. Which means, better reliability and more stable software for the end-user to take advantage of. This advantage is not usually found in free software that Linux web hosting has.

Although free is good, paying for a software is always better because it gives the developers an urge to do more and go over the edge in creating a high quality software. Moreover, these developers are carefully selected based on their skills and expertise. Compare it to a community of developers, in my opinion, a team of skilled professionals can outrun the community’s dedication and motivation to make a high quality software.

Step 3: Save Time and Money

If you have an operating system that will get you what you want and just plain works, you save time and money in making things work. When I was using Linux for my web hosting before, I got frustrated on the process of installing an application, getting a software that couldn’t fit to what I desire, and wanting the system to just work. The good thing is I made the right decision to switch to Windows web hosting even though I have to sacrifice performance and speed that Linux has.

And what do you know, my sacrifice turned out to be the only way to let me like web hosting again. I did spend a few dollars more than what I had in Linux but now my website worked perfectly well. No more hair-pulling maintenance and teeth-grinding errors for me.

Windows web hosting can be both an advantage and a disadvantage to your website. Make sure that when selecting a Windows web hosting plan, the web hosting provider has the a lot of security features to protect your site from security threats and hacks. However, finding such a provider is not a difficult task because there are a lot of best web hosting companies out there that you can entrust your money and website to.

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