Use jQuery Mobile and ASP.NET to Pass Data

JQuery Mobile is a lightweight version of JavaScript to create cross-platform mobile/device or Web Application. ASP.NET developers are working on either Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC to integrate JQuery Mobile to create rich mobile web apps. As a developer for mobile applications, you must think about how you can utilize the available space in the best possible manner. Sometimes, the UI seems to be divided into several pages that you might need to transfer values entered from one page to the other.


This article will demonstrate how JQuery Mobile with ASP.NET can transfer data from one page to the other.

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ASP.NET and WebTools Release Candidate 2012.12

This week, ASP.NET and Visual Developer Teams have delivered the release candidate of ASP.NET and web Tools 2012.2 update. With this update, it extends the existing ASP.NET runtime and ads a new web Tooling to Visual Studio 2012. So, whether you use Web Forms, Web API, or any other ASP.NET technology, today’s update has something cool for you.
There are plenty of ASP.NET enhancements like:
New ASP.NET MVC templates
Real Time communication with ASP.NET SignalR
New ASP.NET web functionality
New Friendly URL functionality,
and other cool features.

Check out this blog to see a list of the cool new features of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 RC.

How to Build Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start

With the recent update, ASP.NET Web Tools have come up with amazing new features. It has so many of them that you will find it hard to keep up.

Luckily, there is an event in February 19 which explains all these nifty features and how you can take advantage of it. The speaker is Scott Hanselman and Jon Galloway. It is a Microsoft Learning a.k.a Virtual Academy lauchend for the following ASP.NET features:

  • New ASP.NET web forms
  • jQuery
  • Visual Studio 2912
  • Entity Framework
  • SignalR
  • Internet Explorer 10 and HTML5
  • Building web apps for Office using HTML5
  • Windows Azure Website for ASP.NET developers

This is a great way to keep up with the latest releases. If I were you, sign up now to reserve your spot.

Improvements to Windows Azure Websites Announced

There are a lot of improvements in Windows Azure that you will benefit from. The improvements include, a new low-cost shared scaling option, has support for custom domains with shared and reserved mode website which will include both CNAME and A-Records, deployment support for CodePlex and GitHub, and FastCGI.

Windows Azure will allow you to deploy up to 10 websites in a free, shared hosting environment. Anyone can start to develop or test web sites at no cost if you use a free shared more. It supports the ability to run website up to 165MB per day or 5GB per month.

Other features and improvements can be read in this website:

Hostway’s Virtual Machine Replication Made for Windows Server 2012

Cloud services provider Hostway announced the launce of the beta phase of their virtual machine replication service that is designed to provide user with disaster recovery for Windows 2012 Hyper-V server. Using this service, it is enabled using Hyper-V Replica feature which is included by default in Microsoft 2012 Server operating system. Services and componennts will be available as an add-on to customers that have Hostway FlexCloud Server virtual machine. The program is aimed at SMBs, which allows IT departments to perform cross-site replication of Virtual Machines from one Windows Hyper-V host to another.

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Microsoft Disrupts Nitol and Takes Control of Malware Hosting Domain

Microsoft has reported a botnet named Nitol which is known to infect computers using insecure supply chains. According to the assistant general counsel of Microsoft Digital Crimes unit, Richard Domingues Boscovich, it gained premission to disrupt up to 500 different strains of malware this week. According to the report, the Nitol botnet is hosted on the domain It is linked to malicious activity since 2008 and has more than 500 strains of malware and hosted more than 70,000 sub domains. Boschovich said that the malware is capable of turning on infected computer’s microphone, video camera, key storke and can carry DDOs or Distribution Denial-of-Service attacks remotely.

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Evention Migrates its Hosted Solution to Azure

Evention is proud to announce that they have completed its migration to Windows Azure, a Microsoft public cloud platform. It now hosts Evention’s web based software applications which now offers automated gratuity, and cash management. This move to Windows azure provide evention a lot of benefits, one of the immediate benefits include redundancy, and unlimited scalability which helps increase Evention’s performance and reliability. Evention can now provide world-class software hosting environment to all its customers thanks to the migration to Windows Azure.

Evention offers SaaS or Software as a Service and with its Microsoft Azure shift, it adds a level of flexibility to the products of Evention.

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Windows Family Servers Put On Priority By ProLime Hosting Solutions

One of the reputable web hosting providers in the market today, ProLime Hosting Solutions announced that they will refurbish their Windows Family Server infrastructure. This effort will greatly affect their Windows server user base but will improve the company’s operating efficiency in their Windows dedicated server hosting. It is expected that after refurbishing, Windows-based clients will experience a better server response rate at no additional cost.

Prolime hosting Solutions is passing through an incredible time right now”, said Tom Beck, the chief Technical Officer of ProLime Hosting Solutions. “We have been instrumental in adding a number of software packages and control points such as Cpanel on our Linux-based hosting servers, and data center expansions in cities preferred by our clients such as Dallas and Phoenix.”


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Hosting Providers Don’t Fear Amazon Cloud Services, However….

Hosting providers do not fear Amazon Cloud Services as it has nothing in its services which can affect the web hosting industry. There  id however, a different kind of service that is the greatest threat of hosting providers. The unbelievably low price made this the winner of price wars, companies that use such services fear that hosting providers will be at its brink of extinction. But this kind of service is still new that other companies do not need to use it to compete with the market. Price indeed helps differentiate the competition however, there are other things to think about before companies make that shift.


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Advaced workflow feature from Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS 7, fromKentico,  includes a very advanced workflow feature that lets developers  create workflow applications using a GUI. Developers can use a drag and drop feature to select workflow components and later connect components using transitions. In addition, Moreover, developers can add specific roles within workflow security.  This Kentico version has  translation services thanks to APIs from Google (Bing API also added to this version).

Another new feature is a “wireframing module”, that will be  hosted within a “wireframe document type”. This module is in fact a  set of web parts that will have the capability to position web parts to any location a web page. Editors will find it easy tocreate new documents or to edit existing content  within site structure from the live UI (swithing to CMS desk is not required).

Best part is, now developers can create websites faster using Kentico CMS 7.  To learn more visit,