ASP.NET Expired Session Problem

Most ASP.NET application are using sessions, particularl y data driven application. These kinds of applications are using “Inproc” mode of session. During the development phase, the developer does not face any of the problems with session. When the application is deployed, this problem arise one by one. This post will share and highlight some thoughts about expired session problems.

This usually happens in a shared hosting solution where the session is shared between the user and the session is about to expire. Usually the session timeout is set to 20 minutes so if you have an application that is tightly couple with Session, this means that you’ll have a bigger problem with expired sessions.

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Unlimited hosting

As time goes by, the potentialities of the hosting business grow bigger and bigger and becoming the largest business on internet. More and more hosting brands are being setup every day  and to survive among the intense competition, they are providing extra features like free domain name, adword credits, Unlimited domain hosting, Unlimited databases ect.

What is Unlimited  Domain Hosting?
An unlimited domain hosting plan is a type of hosting plan which allows client to host multiple (unlimited) websites. The several domains can share the allowed quota of the other web hosting resources in your particular account such as disk space, monthly traffic, FTP accounts, email quota etc. Unlimited domain hosting can have several benefits for customers. It enables you to host and manage unlimited domain names and subdomains within one single website hosting account.

Company Price DiskSpace BandWidth Feaures
Arvixe $8.0/month Unlimited Unlimited Support ASP .NET v1.1, v2, v3 and v3.5, DotNetPanel Control Panel, Unlimited MSSQL 2008 Databases, Remote Access to MSSQL DBs, support LINQ / AJAX / Silverlight
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ixwebhosting $7.95/month Unlimited Unlimited 3 Free Domains, 15 IPaddresses, ASP.NET v3.5, MS SQL 2005, 24/7 Support
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Windows Cloud Hosting from ServerIntellect

ServerIntellect now offers both public and private cloud windows hosting.  Cloud Hosting has redundant and scalable infrastructure which is optimized for top performance. Cloud hosting can fit any of your most hosting needs, notmal webhosting, SQL Server database hosting etc.

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Wijmo Complete from ComponentOne – jQuery UI Widgets

ComponentOne is well known as a 3rd party tool developer for Microsoft Visual Studio (mainly components, IDE platform development tools and other applications). They also have ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, a complete set of tools for Microsoft Windows and Mobile application developers. ComponentOne has also received multiple awards from magazines like Visual Studio Magazine and SQL Server Magazine. Many web hosting companies like now offer some components from Componentone.

Wijmo is a complete kit of over 30 client side jQuery UI Widgets which includes interactive menus, rich charts, accordians, combobox, Grid and more. As a web developer, if you are comfortable with jQuery, you can easly pickup Wijmo.

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Classic ASP vs ASP.Net

After the arrival of ASP.Net framework, classic ASP has lost some shine, thanks to some excellent features of ASP.Net platform and it’s support for multiple languages like C#, Visual basic etc. Most of windows based web apps are now being developed using ASP.Net. But there are still websites who stick with classic asp (and sql server for database).

Differences are many starting from asp components vs components, session management etc. And if you want to develop web apps in either or classic asp, you need a good web host.  Visit  if you into classic asp website development. Visit hosting companies list, if you want to host web apps.

Arvixe Hosting review

Even though Arvixe is listed here as a windows hosting specialist, it also specializes in other popular web hosting such as wordpress hosting,  business hosting, cms hosting including Drupal, video hosting and many popular hosting specialties. Know more about in Arvixe Review.  Also save some $$ too by using a good Arvixe coupon as well

Best web hosting

Let us have a quick look at best web hosting providers. Arvixe, 3essentials, applied innovations are all good choices.

Godaddy is also okay, but you have some limitations for SQL server.  You cannot use the SQL server to test from Visual Studio as remote database acccess is not permitted by Godaddy

Arvixe Coupon code

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ASP Components included in Arvixe Hosting packages

An ASP Component is a collection of code that has been made by Microsoft/advanced users, and included in IIS. Arvixe installed the following components on all servers free of charge.

  1. ATOM – ATOM client component supporting both feed retrieval and publishing. (V8+)
  2. aspNetEmail – SMTP email compnent for .NET
  3. aspNetPOP3 – .NET POP3 component with built-in Spam Checking
  4. aspNetMime – .NET Email/MIME Parsing Component with with built-in Spam Checking, XML Reporting, CSV Reporting, TAB Delimited Reporting,and support MBOX file processing.
  5. aspNetMX – .NET Email Address Validator.
  6. ABCpdf.NET – allow you to dynamically read and write Adobe PDF documents on the fly.
  7. ASP.NET ReportViewer Control
  8. ASPUpload – allows you to upload files with a browser. The files can be uploaded to disk, memory or the database of your choice.
  9. ASPJpeg – allows you to create high-quality thumbnails, logo-stamp photographs, extract metadata information from images, crop, enhance, rotate, convert, and much more.
  10. ASPEmail – enables your Web application to send email messages via any external SMTP server.
  11. ASPTear v1 – allows you to retrieve web pages from servers easily with a bunch of features.
  12. ASPSMS – The professional SMS software component based on ActiveX and its related Component Object Model (COM).
  13. CalDAV – Access calendar/scheduling information on remote servers.
  14. Credit Card Component –
  15. CDO/CDOSYS (Mail Objects)
  16. DNS – Full featured DNS component supporting every major DNS record format, including: AAAA (IPv6), Mailbox (MB), Mailbox Rename (MR), etc.
  17. FileMailer – The FileMailer control provides an easy way to send emails with file attachments.
  18. FTP – Transfer files to and from FTP servers. Easy, plug and play, extensible interface.
  19. FileSystemsObject
  20. HTMLMailer – An easy way to send HTML Mail including embedded images.
  21. HTTP – Access the World Wide Web from your applications, including HTML forms.
  22. ICMPPort – Easy access to the IP control layer. Base for utilities such as ‘ping’, ‘traceroute’, etc..
  23. IMAP – Easy access to corporate mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange.
  24. IPDaemon – Generic TCP server component. Asynchronous, event-driven architecture.
  25. IPInfo – A collection of DNS and other database functions. Both direct and reverse DNS queries. (not available for Pocket PC)
  26. IPMonitor – Network Monitor packet capturing and protocol analysis component (Supports Windows 2000 or Linux 2.2 and later Operating Systems).
  27. IPPort – Generic TCP stream client component. Asynchronous architecture.
  28. JSON – Easily integrate with web services that produce JSON output.
  29. LDAP – Search, manage, and maintain Internet Directory (LDAP) servers.
  30. MCast – Internet Multicast component. Asynchronous architecture. Use to build clients or servers.
  31. MIME – Easily encode and decode MIME structures such as message attachments, file uploads, etc..
  32. MX – Find email servers for a particular domain/address. Often used to verify email address input.
  33. Mobile Controls: Device Update 4
  34. NetClock – The NetClock control provides the current (GMT) time from an Internet Time Server.
  35. NetCode – A collection of popular encoding and decoding functions: Base64, UUencode, URL, etc..
  36. NetDial – Easy access to the Windows RAS layer. Manages dialup connections. (Not Available for Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, or Java.)
  37. NNTP – Read, search, and post articles on Internet Newsgroups (USENET).
  38. Ping – The Ping control encapsulates ICMP ECHO functionality
  39. POP – Easy retrieval of Internet Mail. Implements the standard POP3 protocol.
  40. PayPal Integrator – includes components for PayPal integration including merchant account management and payment automation.
  41. E-Payment Integrator – includes components for Credit Card & Electronic Check (ACH) processing & 3-D Secure Authorization via major Internet payment gateways.
  42. QuickBooks Integrator – Supports connectivity with all Windows based QuickBooks applications as well as QuickBooks Online.
  43. USPS Integrator – to add USPS shipping and tracking capabilities to your applications.
  44. OFX Integrator – fully-integrated solutions for retrieving live financial data from banks, credit card, and investment companies.
  45. RCP – The RCP control implements Remote Copy Protocol, used to transfer files between systems.
  46. REST – Standard REST client, facilitating access to REST style web services such as those from Amazon and eBay. (V8+)
  47. Rexec – Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc..
  48. Rshell – Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc..
  49. RSS – Really Simple Syndication (RSS) component. Used for creating, retrieving, and editing RSS feeds. Supports RSS 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0.
  50. RichTextBox – to add WYSIWYG textboxes to your ASP.NET application giving users Microsoft Office style text and HTML editing.
  51. RichMessageBoard – to drop in forums / comments for any of your pages with almost no setup r
  52. SMPP – Short Message Peer-to-Peer client component. Used to send SMS cellular text messaging.
  53. SMTP – Used to send Internet (SMTP) Mail. Standards-based and extensible.
  54. SNPP – Send messages to alphanumeric pagers through standard Internet Paging Gateways.
  55. SOAP – Generic SOAP client supporting SOAP 1.1. Built on top of the IP*Works! XML parser.
  56. Syslog – Client and Server component capable of sending or receiving system log messages.
  57. Telnet – Telnet client component. Easy to use, standards-based, flexible, powerful.
  58. TFTP – The TFTPClient control is used to exchange files with TFTP servers via the TFTP protocol.
  59. TraceRoute – The TraceRoute control allows you to trace the path IP packets take on the Internet.
  60. UDPPort – Easy interface to UDP packet communications. Use to build clients or servers.
  61. WebDav – WebDAV Client component for distributed web authoring, versioning, and collaboration.
  62. WebForm – The WebForm control is used to POST data to interactive web pages or scripts.
  63. WebUpload – The WebUpload control is used to upload files to web servers.
  64. WebMenus and WebBars for ASP.NET
  65. W3 Jmail – allows you to send and receive e-mail from their ASP code or Windows program.
  66. Whois – The Whois control allows you to query a WHOIS Server for Domain registration information.
  67. XMLp – SAX2 compliant XML parser with support for XPath DOM traversal and XML structure validation.
  68. XMPP – Lightweight XMPP (Jabber) Client for communicating with XML based Jabber Servers.
  69. XCharge Control – an easy to use Active-X COM interface for running server to server processing.
  70. VS .NET 2005 –
  71. 2008 – MLB Runtime


Reliable hosting providers

A good number of reliable hosting providers are out there and some of them being new. While evaluating new ones may take time (research, reviews etc), a better approach is to stick with well known reliable hosting providers. Reviews and ratings are also available to help you decide.