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Forgot Password Code Snippet

When your website allows registrations, you also need to help them get their way in the login page in case they got lost. For instance, if one of your subscribers forgot the password, send them an email and tell the password. This article will explain how you can write a code to recover a password with ASP.NET using C# and VB.NET. Before you jump into the article, here are some things you need to consider first:

  1. Design a table for your subscribers with their email address and passwords in it.
  2. Set up a mail account (this will send the password).
  3. Create an ASPX website.


Read the tutorial here:

Customize Calendar Control Using Visual Studio 2012

Tired of static calendars that just display the dates and nothing more? In this article, we will use ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to customize calendar controls in such a way that it will display all holidays in red. Since holidays are location specific, you will need to define holidays into the database to show the dates in red in the calendar if it has the holiday you listed in the database. The article will also demonstrate how you can customize the tool tip in the calendar on that particular date. You will need to create a new website and add forms to create a calendar and customize the holidays to be shown in red.


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How to Automatically Fill ASP.NET Dropdown List from Database Table

When you need to fill data from the database table, filling it manually can be frustrating. In this tutorial, it explains how to fill dropdown list from the database table so that you don’t need to manually enter data one by one. Just select the list in the dropdown box and it fills it in automatically. It is a good trick specially for redundant data and a great learning tool for beginners to get them prepared for bigger tasks. We are going to use Visual Studio to create a website using c# and fill in the code that is included in the article. Also, you have to modify your web.config file.


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How To Convert Number to String

There are circumstances where you need to convert a number to a String like when you are dealing with financial applications. Before you can convert, you need to know the basics first like what is a String and what is a number. You also need to create a new website using c# in Visual Studio. This project is very useful for any project regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced developer.


Number to String cannot be converted directly, so when you want to convert a number to words, you will encounter an error.

Have a look at this tutorial to see what you’ve been missing:

How to Get The ID Value or DIV Content in ASP.NET

If you have to continue developing unfinished website from other developers, what you do is read the entire code, hoping that you’ll understand everything. What if you come up with an ID value or DIV content that you don’t know what is for and what is its purpose? This tutorial will explain how it can be done with just a few code snippets. This also shows the code samples and what it looks like when you look for the ID value or DIV content of the website.

To give you an idea, here is the code snippet:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
$(document).ready(function() {
$(‘#btnClick’).click(function() {
var divtxt = $(‘#contentdiv’).html();



Read the tutorial here:

How To Generate A Random Password in ASP.NET

Are you tired of creating passwords for all your applications? Why not let ASP.NET generate random passwords for you?  It is possible using a few simple steps that this guide has. With this guide, you can create alphanumeric random password generator. However, you need to create a website, add a new page, drag and drop textbox and some buttons on the form. You also need to have Microsoft Visual Studio to help do this task easily. When it comes to generating a random password, you need to use Random class to generate random numbers. Once its completed, expect to be having the password you need any time you want.


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How to Optimize Crystal Reports for ASP.NET

When you have implemented Crystal Reports in ASP.NET, you need to optimize it to keep it from being a hindrance in the performance of your site. If you haven’t done that yet, implementing Crystal Reports in ASP.NET is very easy. Once all the tools have been downloaded, creating and editing reports using Microsoft Visual Studio is very easy. This tutorial will cover the caching functionality of Crystal Reports using the iCachedReport interface. You will learn about the iCachedReport interface, adding connections to the connection info binder, using system generated classes and how to modify them, and putting it all together.

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Online Address Book Using ASP.NET

This article explains how easy it is to create an online address book using Online address book can either be used in your website or a personal address book for your visitors. Whatever the purpose, once you learn the basics on how this works, creating other ASP.NET applications will be a lot easier as most ASP.NET applications fall in the same concept. The article covers everything with included source code. I advise that you read the source thoroughly, not just copy and paste the source in your project so you’ll know what exactly is happening in the program and what you can do in case something went wrong.

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Fixing Default Document in Web.config using IIS 7

The default document is the file that the web server displays when you browse into a folder without specifying a file name. The syntax below is a default document:

        <clear />
        <add value=”Path of your Page” />
With IIS7 you can create a default document and set it in your web.config the easiest way possible using IIS7. Default document are useful if the visitor accidentally click an unpublished page in your website, or you have a site that is under construction but the domain is live. Visitors won’t just view the default error page because using IIS7, you can create a more beautiful default document.

The Difference With DataSet, DataAdapter, and DataReader

If you haven’t seen differences with DataSet, DataAdapter, and DataReader you might want to read this article specially if you are using C# or VB.NET as a programming language in ASP.NET. DataReader does not just read data from the database, it has other functions too. This goes same with DataAdapter which acts as a bridge between datasets and database, and the DataSet which checks if there is a need for active connections during the work with datasets and is a collection of DataTables and holds relations between tables.

The article also explains the difference in coding schemes when used with C# and VB.NET.


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