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Improvements to Windows Azure Websites Announced

There are a lot of improvements in Windows Azure that you will benefit from. The improvements include, a new low-cost shared scaling option, has support for custom domains with shared and reserved mode website which will include both CNAME and A-Records, deployment support for CodePlex and GitHub, and FastCGI.

Windows Azure will allow you to deploy up to 10 websites in a free, shared hosting environment. Anyone can start to develop or test web sites at no cost if you use a free shared more. It supports the ability to run website up to 165MB per day or 5GB per month.

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DataChambers Expanded Has a New Data Center

DataChambers, a web hosting provider located in North Carolina announced today that it will be expanding into the Triangle because they have purchased a 50,000 square foot facility in Garner Station Boulevard, Railegh, N.C.

This building is a 8-acre property which is the former home of Qwest Communications, will have a high-availability data center. There are several outsourced information technology that will be offered in the site. This includes hosted and cloud infrastructure solutions and data backup and business recovery services.

This new location doubles as a DataChamber footprint, the company is currently operating two data centers in Winston-Salem, N.C.

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OrcsWeb Provide Complete ASP.NET 4.5 Support

ORCS Web Inc. is a web hosting provider that specializes in Microsoft Windows cloud server and dedicated server hosting solutions has announced that ASP.NET 4.5 will be available in all platforms. ORCSWeb has over a year of experience in configuring and supporting .NET 4.5. The latest release, which is Windows Server 2012, is also the next generation of Microsoft development framework and it comes with a few features and improvements through managed hosting solutions. These updates have improved performance, increased control, support for asynchronous programming, a new data flow library, improved support, etc.

ASP.NET is considered as the most exciting .NET Framework to date.

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Microsoft Will Extend Support for Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Will Extend Support for Windows Server 2008

Microsoft has announced that it will extend their support to Windows Server 2008. It is due to end in the middle of next year until 2015. This support will transfer from mainstream to extended support which will be in line with Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy made available for business and developer products. This will provide advantage to the tech departments so they can updrade to Windows Server 2012 or migrate to the cloud. This extended support is for a minimum of 5 years mainstream support or may be 2 years following the shipment of the next product to be readily available.

Extended support will be until January 2015 and companies are asked to take note of this date and urged to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Server.

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Discount ASP.NET Launched the First Team Foundation Server 2012

Discount ASP.NET announced that they have launched Shared Team Foundation Server 2012 hosting production. It is available in USA-based and Europe-based data center location. In addition to that, the hosting provider expands it Team Foundation Server solution which follows with TFS hosting Services that were announced last November. By providing ASP.NET solutions, Discount ASP.NET have an opportunity to tap in the growing niche market.

Visual Studio Team Server 2012 is Microsoft’s next generation management solution that is designed for developer teams to adopt modern and agile workflows. DiscountASP.NET has free 30-day trial for developers so they can test out TFS hosting service for up to 5 users.

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How to Post Data to ASP.NET Sites with ASP.NET Web API

If you want to use the ASP.NET Web API in a conventional ASP.NET web application and use it to post back the entire objects to the server, read this article here. This article explains step by step on how to post Data to ASP.NET sites with ASP.NET web API. From the first step, the article defines how to add the Add New Item menu in an ASP.NET API controller class to your project. The next step explains how you can code the client using the JQuery code, add buttons, attach the buttons, and writing a function to send the data to the server. Then you need to code the server which will help define the Customer object you want to load you JSON data when it gets to the client.

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ASPHostCentral Offers Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Service

ASPHostCentral offers ASP.NET 4.5 hosting for just $4.49 a month. The package has included the latest technologies such as ASP.NET MVC 4.0, Microsoft Silverlight 5, SQL 2012, and Windows Server 2012. The hosting provider also announced that they have support for the lastest ASP.NET 4.5 framework. The following features will also be included in ASP.NET functionality:

Application Lifecycle Management
Visual Studio Team System 2010
Support for Websockets protocol
Bundling and minification of clients scripts
Integrated Anti-XSS encoding routines
Support for Asynchronous modules and handlers.

and a lot more features and customization that only ASPHostCentral can offer. With cheap ASP.NET hosting service, users can reap the benefits of having Microsoft applications run their servers.

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Hostway’s Virtual Machine Replication Made for Windows Server 2012

Cloud services provider Hostway announced the launce of the beta phase of their virtual machine replication service that is designed to provide user with disaster recovery for Windows 2012 Hyper-V server. Using this service, it is enabled using Hyper-V Replica feature which is included by default in Microsoft 2012 Server operating system. Services and componennts will be available as an add-on to customers that have Hostway FlexCloud Server virtual machine. The program is aimed at SMBs, which allows IT departments to perform cross-site replication of Virtual Machines from one Windows Hyper-V host to another.

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Microsoft Disrupts Nitol and Takes Control of Malware Hosting Domain

Microsoft has reported a botnet named Nitol which is known to infect computers using insecure supply chains. According to the assistant general counsel of Microsoft Digital Crimes unit, Richard Domingues Boscovich, it gained premission to disrupt up to 500 different strains of malware this week. According to the report, the Nitol botnet is hosted on the domain It is linked to malicious activity since 2008 and has more than 500 strains of malware and hosted more than 70,000 sub domains. Boschovich said that the malware is capable of turning on infected computer’s microphone, video camera, key storke and can carry DDOs or Distribution Denial-of-Service attacks remotely.

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Evention Migrates its Hosted Solution to Azure

Evention is proud to announce that they have completed its migration to Windows Azure, a Microsoft public cloud platform. It now hosts Evention’s web based software applications which now offers automated gratuity, and cash management. This move to Windows azure provide evention a lot of benefits, one of the immediate benefits include redundancy, and unlimited scalability which helps increase Evention’s performance and reliability. Evention can now provide world-class software hosting environment to all its customers thanks to the migration to Windows Azure.

Evention offers SaaS or Software as a Service and with its Microsoft Azure shift, it adds a level of flexibility to the products of Evention.

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