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Windows Family Servers Put On Priority By ProLime Hosting Solutions

One of the reputable web hosting providers in the market today, ProLime Hosting Solutions announced that they will refurbish their Windows Family Server infrastructure. This effort will greatly affect their Windows server user base but will improve the company’s operating efficiency in their Windows dedicated server hosting. It is expected that after refurbishing, Windows-based clients will experience a better server response rate at no additional cost.

Prolime hosting Solutions is passing through an incredible time right now”, said Tom Beck, the chief Technical Officer of ProLime Hosting Solutions. “We have been instrumental in adding a number of software packages and control points such as Cpanel on our Linux-based hosting servers, and data center expansions in cities preferred by our clients such as Dallas and Phoenix.”


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Parallels Partners See Growth in Sales By 47% of Microsoft Exchange Seats

Parallels, a hosting and cloud services provider,  announced today that their partners have grown their Microsoft Exchange seats by 47% year after year. This then shows that Parallel’s combination of software, ecosystem, and expertise provide web hosting service providers can get to the cloud and grow in the said company. Thus, Parallels Automation now enables the delivery of Microsoft-hosted applications and other services to many of the service providers worldwide. At Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Parallels also presented a public demo of Parallels Automation for Windows Server 2012. The demo shows how easy-to-deploy technologies allow hosting providers to reduce costs, while increasing utilization and driving up operating margins.


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Hosting Providers Don’t Fear Amazon Cloud Services, However….

Hosting providers do not fear Amazon Cloud Services as it has nothing in its services which can affect the web hosting industry. There  id however, a different kind of service that is the greatest threat of hosting providers. The unbelievably low price made this the winner of price wars, companies that use such services fear that hosting providers will be at its brink of extinction. But this kind of service is still new that other companies do not need to use it to compete with the market. Price indeed helps differentiate the competition however, there are other things to think about before companies make that shift.


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PAC Web Hosting Adds R1 Backups

PAC web hosting has introduced R1Soft Continuous Data Protection backups as an additional service to their customers. R1 CDP offers reliable and high performance backups, with bare-metal restore. The program works by taking snapshots at the sector level, recording changes that were made since a backup was created, and allows scheduled backups that will run as frequently as 15 minutes. The advantage is reduced server overload, and a minimized network impact. Another feature R1 CDP has contributed to the servers is the multi-tenant support. This feature allows PAC Web Hosting to deploy and manage Windows, Mac and Linux under a centralized web hosting interface.

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CyberHost Pro LTD Acquired UKWebHostingServices

CyberHost Pro LTC recently announced that they have acquired their competitor, UKWebHostingServices. CyberHost started the negotiation on July 2012 and they have just finished finalizing the migration to their infrastructure. UKWebHostingServices uses HELM control panel for their customers hosting platform and CyberHost is very familiar with HELM so customers claimed an easy change of ownership without any lacking support that came from UKWebHostingServices. With this merge, UKWebHostingServices customers are expected to have a better and more improved service from two hosting providers combines. The merge is said to bring an even better service and more features plus an upgraded website.

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WebHostForASP.NET Now Support ASP.NET 4.5 Web Hosting Service

WebHostForASP.NET announced their support for ASP.NET web hosting service to commit a more excellent and satisfactory customer service to their customers. This new technology is intended for personal and business websites that aim for maximizing server efficiency and helping in developing a more robust ASP.NET applications.

WebHostForASP.NET offers 3 basic ASP.NET web hosting plans. Value plan starts from $3 per month, Premier plan starts from $7.99 per month and the Professional plan which offers $14.99 per month. Each plan is compatible and fully supported to work with services available in WebHostForASP.NET.

ASP.NET customers of WebHostForASP.NET that uses the old ASP.NET version is allowed to upgrade to ASP.NET 4.5 at no additional cost.


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Windows Hyper-V Now Supports FreeBSD

Microsoft, along with partners NetApp and Citrix have just announced the availability of FreeBSD support in Microsoft’s Windows Server Hyper-V. This update was announced in BSDCAN to help users shift to cloud computing and adopt virtualization. Microsoft said that it is committed to supporting multiple platforms in server virtualization so more companies will take advantage of the cost-effectiveness and build foundations made for public, private and hybrid cloud computing.

The release will include 8,500 lines of code that are submitted under BSD License that will support FreeBSD 8.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2. Analysis is currently underway to support BSD 9.0 in Windows Server 2012.

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ZeroOne Announces Promo to Celebrate Windows VPS in Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 Servers

ZeroOne announced that they will hold a promotion to celebrate Windows VPS in Dual Intel Xeon E502600 servers. The launch of the new server platform is celebrated by offering discounts to all Windows VPS hosting plans.

ZeroOne Windows VPS hosting plans offer advanced restore in the new server that has just been released by Intel. The new server, Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 has received numerous praises by IT Professionals and media alike because of its great performance in terms of server virtualization. The server support Intel I/O which is efficient in minimizing network storage latency that is associated with vitualized workloads.

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Windows Azure Will Power Chinese Internet TV

Last Monday, Microsoft announced that they will be in partnership with a Chinese Internet TV provider. Windows Azure will act as the backbone for a range of content and services that will be served in China. Under the agreement PPTV will use Azure as the hosting backbone and the cloud infrastructure for PPTV ATN, an internet TV service that is planned to spread throughout China. These services include, live streaming, video-on-demand for TVs, mobile devices, and personal computers. According to PPTV, they chose Windows Azure because of its reliability, scalability, and performance which can help the company to even compete internationally.

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Advaced workflow feature from Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS 7, fromKentico,  includes a very advanced workflow feature that lets developers  create workflow applications using a GUI. Developers can use a drag and drop feature to select workflow components and later connect components using transitions. In addition, Moreover, developers can add specific roles within workflow security.  This Kentico version has  translation services thanks to APIs from Google (Bing API also added to this version).

Another new feature is a “wireframing module”, that will be  hosted within a “wireframe document type”. This module is in fact a  set of web parts that will have the capability to position web parts to any location a web page. Editors will find it easy tocreate new documents or to edit existing content  within site structure from the live UI (swithing to CMS desk is not required).

Best part is, now developers can create websites faster using Kentico CMS 7.  To learn more visit,