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Cheap APS.NET Hosting Provider – Tips on Getting More than Just a Cheap Price

cheap hostingLooking for the most affordable ASP.NET hosting can be a bit of a challenge. ASP.NET hosting is one of the popular hosting providers used by web developers because it has more features, and is more stable than other web hosting services. But being in an ASP.NET web hosting company is expensive because Microsoft owns ASP.NET, so other components related to ASP.NET hosting, are not free.

  • First a server must have a Microsoft Windows license so the server will be able to use other components.
  • Next is certain applications to use in a web hosting can cost money too.
  • MSSQL needs to be bought.

ASP.NET hosting providers cover those prices by setting a higher monthly rate to customers. There are other ways that we can harness the power of ASP.NET yet minimize our monthly ASP.NET hosting expenses. Here’s how:

  • Get the best deals around. You may not know it, but some ASP.NET hosting providers give promo deals every month.
  • Go for long term plans. 1 year plans are more expensive than a 3 year plan, you might spend more cash in your initial cost, but the savings of a longer term plan are 50% less than a monthly plan.
  • Look for ASP.NET hosting providers that offer Linux and free, open source software. ASP.NET can work well under Mono, a Linux alternative to .NET, MySQL is also a good alternative for MSSQL. Both software can be in par with the paid software that Microsoft is offering.

Cheap ASP.NET hosting won’t yield good results if the company is not in the performance level to use ASP.NET. For a web hosting provider to be at a peak performance, the web host must have:

The latest version of ASP.NET

Updated IIS

Windows Server (They say that Windows 2003 is better than 2008 but compared to 2003, Windows Server 2008 have more features, more efficient, and more reliable)

The web hosting provider must have an SQL server or supports Microsoft Access.


An ASP.NET hosting server should use the best hardware to perform the job. A dual core processor won’t be as fast as a QuadCore processor nor will a 4GB RAM be faster than a 2GB ram.

Finally, getting a cheap ASP.NET hosting should also depend on your website needs. Here’s why:

A website that had just started don’t need a special server to accomodate too few visitors, so you can start with shared web hosting first to see how your site will go. Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting where several people share a single server.  Monthly costs for an ASP.NET hosting go for as low as $4 per month.

If your site gets a bit popular and reached your shared web hosting’s bandwidth limit, then it may be time to shift to Virtual Private Hosting. You all share a single server but each have its own virtual server. Which means that it has more bandwidth limit and a more customized server for your website. Virtual private hosting costs about $20 a month.

Most websites do not go beyond Virtual Private hosting so a dedicated server is only optional. Dedicated server costs around $100 per month.


The key aspects in looking for a cheap ASP.NET web hosting is to look not just one,or two web hosting providers, look for at least 10 to get you satisfied. Be weary of the tips I discussed here and use it when looking for the cheapest web hosting for your website.


4 Reasons Why Windows Website Hosting Is The Best

Windows logo It may be often tough to choose which web hosting solution is the best, Linux or Windows website hosting? As a user we probably might be looking for easy solutions, quality performance, and quick and very knowledgeable customer support. Both Linux and Windows website hosting share the same features but this is where Windows stand out of a Linux hosting provider.

More User Friendly. Linux web hosts will require you to select the necessary components you would like to add in your website. This may be more efficient if the user is more has enough knowledge about web hosting so he can make his server more efficient, fits exactly what he or she needs but if you are just starting up, or what we call as the average user, you won’t understand anything about it, thus will confuse you. Windows web hosting has pre-installed components made for average and experienced users alike.

More applications. Linux cannot run Windows applications. Most applications that Windows have Linux either has but cannot match nor compete with Windows-based applications, or does not have.

These Microsoft applications and tools have major advantage over Linux:

  • .NET Framework is a software framework that runs only in Windows operating system. It has a large library and supports different kinds of programming language. Linux has an implementation of .NET Framework through Mono, but it is buggy.
  • ASP and ASP.NET or Active Server Pages is a web platform that helps in creating dynamically database driven websites. Linux servers do not support ASP but has PHP which does quite the right job.
  • FrontPage Extensions. Frontpage is an easy-to-use web design program. It will be easier to create websites in FrontPage than in any Linux based applications.
  • Microsoft Access Compatibility. Linux doesn’t support Access but they have their own MySQL which is free and open-sourced. Most people still prefer Access over MySQL.
  • Microsoft SharePoint. If you use Microsoft SharePoint then expect that this won’t work in Linux too.

Developer Friendly. Developers love Windows server because it is very easy to develop any Windows applications which can be easily integrated to a system without wasting time in utilization because of non-Microsoft applications.

Technical Support. Technical support is very important in web hosting because if something goes wrong, they are the ones we rely on. Linux tech support are either very technical in solving problems or does not have general knowledge in Linux at all. Windows website hosting technical support are skilled and very familiar about the Windows operating system so any questions won’t be left unanswered.

Although Microsoft is expensive, it is nevertheless the most effective, reliable, and hassle-free web hosting solution. You can settle for alternatives and save 20% more if  you like but the service, performance, and reliability is 20% less than what Windows website hosting have. And worst, it will cost you more than what you are trying to save.

Alternatives may be best in most cases but not this time when we want to reach customers in a fast, and more reliable manner.

The Pros and Cons of ASP.NET Hosting

Deciding a hosting platform for your website can be easy if we weight in the advantage(pros) and disadvantage(cons) of using such hosting image

ASP.NET is a newer version of ASP(Active Server Pages) created by Microsoft to help develop dynamic, feature-rich websites. It is not just a next generation ASP but a new era in web development. The most popular feature of ASP.NET is its ability to use other programming language other than Microsoft-only programming language offered before on ASP.


Web Developer Friendly

Since ASP.NET is under Microsoft, all the developers of ASP.NET are fully trained and equipped to develop such program. Therefore you may experience minor bugs and better performance compared to open source alternatives.

Another advantage as I’ve said earlier, is the ability of ASP.NET to use other programming language. So developers working in C++, Java or Visual Basic can use existing component to work with their ASP.NET hosting.

Hard Core Programming and WYSIWYG
Developers have the option to hand code their site (hard core programming) or use a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editors for a faster and easier web development.

Easy Data Management
ASP.NET uses XML for data storage, configuration and manipulation. Tools available in ASP.NET for XML is very easy to use and what’s more you can cache information in the computers memory after it has been extracted.

Backwards Compatible

ASP.NET is compatible with ASP applications. No need to convert is to ASP.NET since ASP.NET can read it. ASP.NET and ASP runs in a separate process so if your ASP application experience problems, your ASP.NET won’t be affected.


ASP.NET is under Microsoft so in order to run ASP in your computer, you should have an Microsoft Operating System. The licensing requirement covers at least five dollars a month in your ASP.NET hosting but as a compensation for that, a great deal for your money because ASP.NET is run and maintained by Microsoft’s top notch software engineers and developers.

The price also adds up to ASP.NET hosting plans. You will see a big difference in price for ASP.NET hosting compared to open source web hosting plans.

Adapting to Changes
If you happen to be developing for ASP for quite some time then you may find it hard to adapt to .NET framework included in ASP.NET hosting. You will have to learn about .NET first which takes up too much time for a similar function as ASP.


Choosing ASP.NET hosting over other hosting platforms can be both a wise choice and a dumb one. You can be wise in deciding ASP.NET hosting if you have enough knowledge and money to cover for the initial costs. It is only a dumb decision if you don’t know how things work in ASP.NET yet you settled for one.

If you are looking for the answer to your question: “Is ASP.NET hosting right for my website?” Ask this question first: “Will my website and my skills adapt the change?”
If not, then stick to your old web hosting. If you can adapt to change then why not try and see it for yourself.

5 Windows Website Hosting That is Worth Your What You’ve Paid For

Windows Web Hosting Providers Windows website hosting are the most expensive kind of hosting service you may find out there because the host have to pay for all the services they offer to customers. But I’m a cheap person so I prefer a windows website hosting at a price almost similar to Linux website hosting companies.


Price: $5

Notable Feature

    • Specializes in Windows Hosting
    • ASP.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 with AJAX
    • Good support
    • MySQL 5
    • MS SQL 2008
    • Good customer support
    • 6 months free hosting
    • Free hosting

Our Take

A Windows hosting specialist at a price so cheap? What more could you ask for? And besides, you won’t get wrong with 3Essentials because you can avail of their service for free for 6 months.  click here to Click here to Visit 3essentials


Price: $4 a month

Notable Feature

      • Host up to 2 domains
      • Full remote delegation
      • 24/7 tech support
      • ASP.NET 2.0,3.5
      • MSSQL 2005 and 2008
      • 60 Days free trial
      • Free $100 worth of MSN Marketing credits

Our Take

60 days of free trial? You’ve got to be kidding! Anyway, this kind of opportunity is a good way to test hosting companies without you spending on anything.  Click here to Visit Applied Innovations

IX Web Hosting

Price: $4.99 a month

Notable Feature

  • ASP/ASP.NET v1.1/v2/v3.5
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • 15 dedicated ip addresses
  • 3 free domains
  • $150 free ad coupons

Our Take

ASP is planned to be closed and be replaced with faster, feature-rich ASP.NET. So if you like to be hosted here, use ASP.NET instead of ASP. And what’s more ASP.NET is easier to cope up with than ASP.  Click here to Visit ixwebhosting


Price: $4.99 a month

Notable Feature

  • MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL
  • HELM Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Full Power Backup
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Our Take

HELM is a wonderful control panel that is faster, more user frienldy than most web hosting control panel out there. In my opinion, EasyASP is a bit expensive when we compare it to a more featured windows website hosting companies out there. But this is still a good host so giving it a try won’t hurt. Click here to Visit EasyASPHosting


Price: $5 a month

Notable Feature

  • Award Winning Windows website hosting provider
  • Excellent ASP.NET tech support
  • Unlimited MSSQL database
  • ASP.NET 4.0 hosting; 2,3,3.5 also available
  • LINQ/Silverlight/MVC(Model View Controller)
  • Windows 2008 server
  • Free domain for life
  • URL Rewrite module
  • 60 day money-back guarantee

Our Take

Now this is what I’m talking about. You got all that you need for a windows hosting at a price that you won’t feel that something is missing. It’s a great way to try first these feature rich windows web hosting providers and if you feel that you won’t need some of the features then you are free to get your money so you can transfer to other providers.

Windows Web Hosting – What to look for

Here is a quick checklist if you want a good Windows web hosting company:windows web host


We need SQL in a web host to update large amounts of data in our website. It is a database to store all your information.

MsSQL is a SQL database created by Microsoft. It is not free so windows web hosting companies do not offer unlimited MSSQL databases. Using MSSQL is recommended for small websites.

MySQL is a free alternative of SQL often used in Linux Hosting Accounts. It is free therefore we can have unlimited MySQL database perfect for creating multiple websites.

Remote SQL Management.
Most windows web hosting companies do not offer remote SQL Management. This is a convenient feature of SQL servers and should not be restricted.


ASP is a programming language to help create feature rich, dynamic websites. ASP.NET is an improved version of ASP. It is created by Microsoft and is proven to be more effective than any other programming language for the web.

ASP or sometimes called classic ASP is an old version of ASP. ASP.NET is a newer version which means there are several improvements like supporting various programming language, faster, more refined code, and improved functionality. Do note however that ASP.NET is not backwards compatible to ASP.

PHP is a must for hosting your WordPress website in a Windows web host. If you are using WordPress, make sure that your chosen hosting provider has PHP support. Additionally, to run WordPress, a web host must have:
PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Auto Installer. Auto installer is a great feature because it allows you to configure a certain settings with just one click. For example if you are using WordPress then WordPress auto-installer is just what you need to get WordPress up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Customer support

A good windows web hosting company has a great customer support that your problems can be solved in less than a minute. Without a good support, particularly tech support, you will get lost thus it can affect your website’s performance.



A guaranteed uptime is 99.90%. The most reliable uptime is 99.99%. Uptime tells how reliable a windows web hosting company is. Your website must be online at all times because when it becomes offline for several minutes, you will lose visitors thus loose money.


These points will tell you how to pick a good Windows web host. Do not sacrifice the price for a service that is below substandard. Always check for web hosting reviews and see how well the web host performs through customer feed backs and reactions. Our best recommendation for windows web hosting is Arvixe. Visit Arvixe

The Advantage of ASP.NET Web Hosting

ASP.NET is the next version of ASP, a programming framework used to create dynamic website, run asp applications and view ASP pages.

Why choose ASP.NET Web hosting over…


Classic ASP logo


ASP is an older version of ASP.NET which means less features, no authentication, and slower performance.

With ASP.NET Web Hosting we can

  1. Have an isolated process. ASP is running under the inetinfo.exe process therefore the application will crash often thus we need to constantly restart or stop IIS.
  2. Use non-Microsoft Platforms. ASP cannot run on non-Technology platforms. If we use every Microsoft platform then we’ll be paying for all of it whereas if we can use other alternatives to these platforms, we can save more.
  3. Use other programming languages aside from VBScript and JavaScript. ASP supports only 2 programming language, VBScript and JavaScript, where in ASP.NET we can use any programming language we want.
  4. Have easy configuration and deployment. When configuring ASP.NET, we’ll just be using a plain text file. It can be uploaded even when the application is running so no need to restart the server. No more metabase or registry puzzle.
  5. No need to restart the server when you are to deploy or replace compiled code. ASP automatically redirects all new requests on the new code.

NOTE: ASP.NET is not fully compatible with earlier versions of ASP. To overcome this problem, ASP.NET uses a new file extension (.aspx) so that ASP.NET applications can run side by side with standard ASP applications on the same server.



PHP is a general purpose scripting language suited for Web Development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is free and has a wide number of support groups willing to help both professional and beginner in PHP.

Compared to  ASP.NET Web Hosting

  • There are pre-compiled code so it is easier to maintain the code when we are dealing with larger websites.
  • You can choose any programming language you like (C#, C++, etc).
  • Has SQL Server that is faster than other SQL alternatives and can store large amounts of data without any difficulty.
  • You get the whole .NET Class Library and more third party components compared to the components available in PHP.


The Top 12 Advantage of ASP.NET

1. Reduces the amount of code needed to build large applications.
2. Has built-in Windows authentication and configuration so your applications are safe and secured.
3. Uses Visual Studio, the most powerful and fastest IDE to date.
4. So simple to perform common tasks.
5. Source code and HTML are altogether so it is easier to maintain and write codes.
6. Better performance. Takes advantage of just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services that are out-of-the-box.
7. All processes are monitored at runtime, so when there is a dead process, new processes are created to take its place.
8. Purely a server-side technology, meaning codes are executed on the server first then sent to the browser once confirmed.ASP.NET
9. Language independent. You can choose any language you like.
10. Ease of deployment, component configuration information are already embedded, no need to register it.
11. Easy to work with ADO.NET.
12. Can easily detect infinite loops, illegal activities, memory leaks and immediately destroys it.