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Dedicated vs shared hosting:What to look for when purchasing a windows Hosting Plan::

This is a question you may want to ask yourself. Whether to host your application along with other websites in one hosting account. Can you afford or if it is okay if your hosting server goes down for half an hour? If you have an ecommerce or very critical application that has be uptime 100%, then sure dedicated hosting is your default choice.

You have many options when chooisng a Reliable Dedicated windows hosting company. You may want to read Server Intellect Review, which provides an informative guide to windows dedicated hosting. Else if you are okay with occassional downloads, then shared windows hosting is still a good option. Good news is that you can still find good bargains for shared windows hosting plans

Choice of Database : SQL Server vs Access vs MySQL::What to look for when purchasing a windows Hosting Plan::

Next important factor is which database to go with? In most of the cases Microsoft SQL server 2005/2000 is the default choice, since it is a microsoft product and are more compatible with ASP or ASP.NET. Plus SQL server is more stable than Microsoft Access. We do not recommend use of Microsoft access for mission critical applications. If you have a hobby application, then Microsoft Access as a database is okay.

Other hoice is MySQL, which most of hosting companies provide as a alternative option, since it is cheaper than SQL Server hosting. Also MySQL is stong and relible as a database and can easily handle millions of records and is scalabe and reliable. MySQL can be used as a backend when you develop your application with Visual studio and is a good option.

Our recommedation is: SQL Server 2005

ASP.NET application hosting::What to look for when purchasing a windows Hosting Plan::

ASP.NET is an excellent choice for mission critical applications. Plethora of features are added to this wonderful framework and tools like Visual studio help you cut down significant development time. Added good news is there are plenty of open source as well as commercial ASP.NET applications, in case you are looking for a ready-made solution you want to use.

Question is: which ASP.NET framework should I go with? Latest ASP.NET framework is 3.5 and have many added features than ASP.NET 2.0. Some many have the opinion that you can stick with a version that is one version down to currenty version (2.0). This way you do a close watch on bugs and solutions etc and make your decision or upgrade to 3.5

If ASP.NET is your choice for a windows Hosting Plan, be sure to follow this link to find best ASP.NET hosting options: ASP.NET Hosting

Classic ASP vs ASP.NET application hosting::What to look for when purchasing a windows Hosting Plan::

Classic ASP hosting::
When you are looking for a windows Hosting Plan, you certainly have to think whether you are choosing classic ASP as your programming language. While ASP.NET hosting is the choice for most of critical windows applications, there are plenty of classic ASP programs or open source apps that still work well and are reliable.

Also, some may have their own reasons to stick to classic ASP applications. E.g: Some popular ASP shopping cart scripts are still being preferred for their reliability, features and use. If classic ASP is your choice for a windows Hosting Plan, good news is that there a good number of hosting companies who still provide good classic ASP hosting. Be sure to follow this link: Classic ASP Hosting